We do not sell simply a beautiful picture - we sell emotions.

Interior design philosophy of our company expects that the final product is the result of collective comprehension, of joint creative process, of Customer’s and designer group’s efforts.

An ability to hear the opinion of every client and to find individual approach for Your interior is the distinguishing feature of our bureau.

A modern interior is foremost an individual work, author’s vision, an object with obvious personal traits; it is like living organism with its unique and various features.

Our professional and artistic capabilities enable us to solve the tasks each time by different means. That is why we can boldly affirm with confidence that for us, those who realize methods and means of their profession, it is of no importance if this work has commercial or social purpose; of highest importance are force and clarity in communication between work and its Customer.

Ability to line up solution of the visually perceived appearance of subject space in accordance with its function, material and construction, and to decline superficial decor is the basic task of our team.

Aspiration to the maximal economy of solution and reduction of costs for its realization by applying the most advantageous in specific case materials and simplifying technological processes.

In interior design, a successful style for the apartment is as important as correspondence of apartment to its owner’s character: his habits, his world view - it is the main condition in organizying the dwelling space.

We integrate our ideas in space and you get a positive mood, in which emotional background is always on a high level.